Gary Hurst's 

2003 Millennium Yellow Convertible

​Laura (Events Coordinator) & Jim Grater's

2016 Shark Grey Z51 Stingray Coupe

Jason & Cha ​Nuggent's

2010 Cyber Grey Metallic Grand Sport Coupe​



Jim & Laura Grater's

2012 Arctic White Grand Sport Coupe

 Steve & Chris Wirth's

2003 Black Convertible

Kay Baggett



Mel and Judith Westlund's  

1999 Torch Red Coupe

Terry & Adrienne Bennett's 

2008 Atomic Orange Metallic Coupe

Mark Zellers & Jewell Langford's

98 Pewter Convertible

    Bill William's 79 Arctic White Coupe                  &                     2002 Arctic White Convertible


Sammy & Cindy Stuard's 

           1978 Silver Anniversay Stingray               &         2010 Arctic White Grand Sport Convertible

David & Cathy Johnson's 

​2012 Centennial Edition Coupe


Albert & Alisa Goulet's ​2015 Arctic White Z06/Z07   &                 2014 Arctic White Stingray Coupe 

Mel & Karen Denish's 

77 Dark Blue L-48 W/ T-Tops

Bill Coke's   99 Magnetic Red Coupe

(Founding & Honorary Member)

Don & Yvette Brandt's

1967 Marina Blue Stinray​

Michael & Denise Tucker's

         1968 Red Roadster                                &                  2007 Arctic White Convertible

Howard & Gayle Wiles  2004 Torch Red Coupe

Future Member Lilly & Her Red C7 Coupe

Frank & Linda Nash's

2016 Arctic White Stingray Coupe

Carol & Scott Heron's

2015 Torch Red Stingray Coupe

Hunter Reese's  "No Name"

1987 Dark Red& Black Coupe

Cedric Wingo & Glenda McNary's

2008 Black Coupe

Thomas & Nancy Kirkendoll's 2004 Black Coupe


RC &  Sonya Leavelle's

2014 Arctic White Stingray Convertible 


Dave Kimberling's

2016 Laguna Blue StingRay Convertible


Peter & Darnell Botthof's 1966 Red Convertible

Bill  & Gail Bartram's 

​2015 Daytona Sunrise Z06/Z07 Coupe   & 2001 Millennium Yellow Convertible      

Angelo & Dawn  Lisandrelli

2016 Black Z51 Stingray Coupe

 Charles & Michele Boyington's

1976  L-82 Brick Red Coupe

Russ & Brigitte Newman's  

1999 Black Convertible


Wayne & Starr Howes 73 Arctic White Shark



Rick DeLagarza's  "Serenity"

​2015 Laguna Blue Stingray Coupe 

   Floyd & Maria Bolton's 

2016 Arctic White Z51 Stingray

Shellie & Linda Teemer's

2013 Cyber Grey Z06 Coupe


Michael (Web Master)  &  Jennifer Kunkel's 

                           1981 Black Coupe                               2016 Arctic White Z06 Coupe (Museum Delivery)

Betsy Reese (Vice President)

​2003 Electron Blue Z06 (Museum Delivery)  


"The Car you drive reflects who you are to the world... You can expext  a subtle extra measure of Attention and Respect when you drive a Corvette."

Corvette Magazine Ad, 1963




Bob Huntley & Earlene Smith's

2003  (50th Anniversary Red)  Coupe

William & Janice Pickard's

2014 Night Race Blue Stingray Convertible 

Larry lewis's  2003 Torch Red Z06 

Thomas & Vicki Scott's  

2010 Crystal Red Grand Sport Convertible           &                      2016 Long Beach Red Z06 Coupe.         

​Dennise Webber's  2004 Torch Red Convertible 

Dave (President / Treasure) &

Donna (Secretary) Mixon's

​2006 Lamans Blue Convertible

Elijah & Judi Roach's

2015 Torch Red Stingray

   Jimmy & Carol Sue Chandler's

2015 Velocity Yellow Z06/Z07 Coupe