​ “The Crossed Flags Award”  

​The one big reason for “The Crossed Flags Award” is to improve the membership and create participation for the club.  A committee of Bryan Baggett, Will Hallstead, Rod Lowell, Norma Kagle and Alan Kagle revised the point system on January 9th, 2010. Some of the events that will be including in this will be attending of Club Meetings, Club Funded Activities, Car Shows and Recruiting of New Members.

​These events will be tracked and placed on the website as the points for members add up.  The website will be updated every three months. We will need everyone’s cooperation in tracking of the points and who attends the functions.

​The point system will be as follows: 

​Attending Club meetings- 3 points

Recruiting of New Members (# 1 item each and everyone of us should be doing) – 5 points

Attending Car Shows – 1 point (no points for placing at the shows)

Club Sponsored Activities – 4 points (such as: Corvettes on the Cumberland , Plan Road Trips, Christmas Party and etc.)

Volunteering to be a Road Captain, Chairperson of Club sponsored event, and participation on a committee (such as the Corvettes on the Cumberland car show committees) – 1 point

Some changes made: No points for going to Hooter’s Parking lot on Sunday and hanging out and no points for cruise-ins unless they are organized by the club as an Activity. The awards will be presented at the Christmas party in December.

​Effective: 1-9-2010  

​Effective as of January 3, 2012 the membership decided Club Officers will no longer be eligible to compete.