C1-no entries;
-Gary Traughber 66 Nassau Blue Coupe;
Early-Bill Williams 72 Artic White Coupe;
C3 Late-1st Jesse Baggett 81 Beige/Dark Bronze Coupe; 2nd Jimmy Snow 78 Pace Car; 3rd Mel Westlund 80 Dark Claret Red Coupe;
C4 Early
-1st Mary Barry 88 White Coupe; 2nd Steve Wirth 90 Bright Red Coupe; 3rd James Baggett 90 Competition Yellow Convertible;
C4 Late
-1st Michael Rausch 95 Artic White; 2nd Charles Barry 95 Competition Yellow Coupe; 3rd Dennis Brems 95 Torch Red Coupe;
- 1st Stan Hargrove 2002 Black Coupe; 2nd Bill Endsley 2004 Millennium Yellow Coupe; 3rd Place Howard Wiles 2004 Torch Red Coupe;
C6- 1st RC Leavelle 2006 Victory Red Coupe; 2nd Dave Bowling 2010 Blade Silver Coupe; 3rd Don Schwartz 2011 Cyber Gray Coupe; Modified-1st Irv and Jeane Langston 2001 Velocity Yellow Coupe;  2nd Leo Anderson 2009 Velocity Yellow Coupe; 3rd Betsy Reese 2002 Electron Blue Z06  Judges Cars-1st Dave Chrisley 2008 Red C6; 2nd Jim Sciano 2007 Black C6  Largest Club Participation-Nashville Corvette Club; Longest Distance Mary Barry Smithville, TN Peoples Choice- Betsy Reese 2002 Electron Blue Z06 Best in Show- Gary Traughber 1966 Nassau Blue Coupe
10th Annual Corvettes on the Cumberland
Show Celebrates the 10th Anniversary of Corvettes of Clarksville
‚ÄčApril 21, 2012